Aerial Photography

  • Aerial Photography 33
  • 032019 Imperial Valley Sand Dunes 169 Edit Edit
  • Big Picture, Fiji
  • Aerial Photography 12
  • Sunset panoramic, Fiji
  • Aerial Photography 31
  • Sunset at the Pearl. Viti Levu, Fiji
  • Shifting Sands, Imperial Sand Dunes
  • 202105 Four Corners SE 3 2
  • Tiny Islands. Raja Ampat Indonesia
  • Sunset, Sea of Cortez
  • Shiprock, New Mexico
  • Scripps pier, La Jolla California
  • Rolling Hills, Fiji
  • Antigua in Lofoten fiord, Norway
  • Sunset Crater National Monument
  • Aerial Photography 23
  • Early light, Shiprock NM
  • Winter over Wet Beaver Creek, near Sedona AZ
  • 202105 Four Corners SE RP NI
  • Salton Sea
  • Children's Pool. La Jolla, California
  • Train and surf near Torrey Pines Beach, CA
  • Swami's beach, Encinitas, CA
  • Lake Hodges, Escondido California
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  • Imperial Sand Dunes 1
  • Isla San Franciscito, Sea of Cortez
  • Granite Dells at Watson Lake
  • Aerial Photography 33
  • Shiprock in a winter fog, Sedona AZ
  • Badlands Near Borrego Springs
  • Aerial Photography 34
  • Clouds over the border
  • Wind turbines, Southern California

For many iconic landscape photographs, an experienced photographer and traveller knows exactly where the tripod was placed. True artistry comes into play trying to create a unique capture in the footsteps of those who took those inspiring iconic shots.

Aerial photography takes us to places which are difficult, dangerous or impossible to reach*. At least for now, drone photography enables us to re-visit and re-shoot iconic sites. We have admired and collected aerial photography for a while and now are enjoying making some of our own. This short series starts you over clouds, in a private jet, as we flew from Mexico to California. From there, drone quadcopter images are in chronological order of our drone education, starting with a road trip to Valley of the Gods, Utah; to Shiprock, New Mexico and then to my back yard lagoon view in Southern California. The next adventure was travelling and diving around Viti Levu, Fiji, then back to Dog Beach, in Del Mar, California and finally our most recent trip to the Sedona, Arizona area. The last image (Black & White) is the beginning of a new series of aerial work, my reductive series where I remove distractions (in this case, the lake) from the granite dells of Watson Lake.


If you want a behind the scenes look at how I honed piloting skills, take a look at the 6 part story I recently uploaded on this website (See link below to get you started)

“The Wrong Stuff” by Steve Eilenberg (Part I- Mary Ann or Ginger?)

*Drone pilots/photographers must be registered with the FAA and follow certain common sense and safety guidelines. Drones are not permitted in many places and can annoy and disturb the peace.