WOW! First WoW (without walls) LJ Playhouse theatre festival afterglow

The inaugural WithOutWalls (WoW) festival of La Jolla Playhouse just concluded, and in my opinion, was an unqualified success.  Spread over 4 days and multiple, nontraditional venues in and around La Jolla Playhouse’s 3 theatre home on UCSD campus, the 20+ offerings ran the gamut of experimental theatre and performance art, taking place in settings ranging from the beach at La Jolla Shores to  elevators to cars parked near the theatre grounds.  The offerings really expanded my personal experience of what theatre can mean, including some with non actors (100% San Diego), others in extremely close quarters  (2 viewers in a car with 1-2 actors in the Car Plays), to works in which the entire cast and audience shifted locations for each act (Our Town, recast as a potluck picnic).  Free-ranging and thought provoking, as well as intense and fun, the range of emotions and experiences was plumbed.

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