Personal Projects: Created, Appropriated and Found Works -Steve Eilenberg

“bad artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso

Attributed to Picasso, but its roots may actually be from W.H. Davenport Adams who  said “great poets imitate and improve, whereas small ones steal and spoil”.  Picasso turned this on it’s head.

Some work I’m drawn to are unabashed grabs and re-appropriation.  Consider the work of Doug Rickard  who digitally cruised inner cities using Google street view He unearthed some very compelling images of people which otherwise would be digitally eliminated.

Some of the work in this gallery has had digital interventions (e.g. “53 Moles” and “Gifts from the Future”), with others  were found, restored and re-presented (e.g. “Vintage Photobooth” and the “Gong Show”). Last category is uniquely my work (e.g. “Museum Shaddow”, “X-Ray Art”, “Rugography” and “Flatbed Scanner” series- steve eilenberg

“Art and accidents are one. Art accepts what it finds” – Frederick Sommer (Photographer)

“Things often fall onto my lap. Sometimes I notice.” – Steve Eilenberg