Remembering the Gong Show. Contestants, 1977 – Steven Eilenberg

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I recently gained access to discarded Gong Show contestant application forms , found in a Los Angles garbage can. These are the scanned  interview polaroid photographs and include direct quotes from their applications. The images were scanned on a high resolution flatbed scanner and restored using photoshop.

For me, these photographs defy categorization. Far from Hollywood head-shots, they are reminiscent of mugshots. The faces are often pensive, some melancholic. Is this momentary regret, the end of a long day, or have  they been pushed as part of the interview test process?

I have tried to search out these contestants. I have many questions. None have responded. Some are dead, others selling cars, working construction, and one enjoyed fleeting fame as an extra on “Different Strokes”. Dyn-o-mite!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” unattributed. – Steve Eilenberg