A few of my favorites – Steve Eilenberg


Sometimes it takes looking backward to see where one is  going. A benefit of collating these photographs  is to understand my  true interests.

I falter when asked what kind of photographer I am. Am I  an underwater photographer? Perhaps nature and landscape? Travel? Maybe street (everyone claims to be a street photographer)? I do like alternative image capture (yes, I’m a radiologist with access to some pretty great medical cameras).

I do find  underwater and nature photography to be super fun. After all, I am  there when these images are made. My images  also acts as a  travel diary, as the written word does not come as easily to me.

Looking back, I see that some of my greatest pleasure comes from accidental and found photography (think cell phone camera left on), E-Bay purchased super 8 family film, scanned, dismantled anonymous family photo albums, and even audition files found in an LA dumpster.

All said, I still don’t know what kind of a photographer I am.  I don’t want to be  type cast  and will  try to look beyond the obvious. Above all, I want to surprise both myself and the viewer.- steve